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I’m Kelly and currently work in the retail trade, i have interests in aviation favouring military over civil, photography, videography and most recently i’ve taken to the sport of Speedway thanks to my other (better) half, i best say that to make him feel important!

Now Andy being older than me (but not wiser) is a hard working train driver for a freight company and will over time share his driving duties on these pages! His interests include Speedway, aviation, trains, photography and videography. He hates football calling them overpaid rude words! with that said as you can tell we both enjoy banter laughter and joking around!

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Cosford Air Show 2018


Sunday 10th June saw myself and Andy driving up to RAF Cosford for their annual airshow. The show kicked off the RAF100 celebrations so we knew it was going to be a good day out. The aim of the airshow was Commemorate, Celebrate and Inspire which is exactly what they tried to do.

The static display saw aircraft from throughout the years split into four themes – policing the empire (1918-1938), world at war(1939-1945), age of uncertainty (1945-1999) and the new millennium (2000-the present day). As well as a large static park, there was also an area dedicated the science, technology, engineering and mathematics, more commonly known as STEM. Re-enactors brought the past alive and were more than happy to talk about the equipment they had and how it would have been used in the era they were representing. You could also look around Cosford museum if you wanted to, however, myself and Andy visited a few weeks beforehand so they we could look around whilst the museum was quiet. There was so much to look at on the ground, that we had just finished looking at everything and was about to grab some lunch, when the flying displays started.

I will leave a list of the aircraft listed in the flying display down below and will add any photos or more information when I can.

  • RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team
  • Great War Display Team
  • Belgian Agusta A109
  • Tiger 9 Display Team
  • Hawker Fury
  • Imperial War Museum Spitfire
  • Air Leasing Ltd Hurricane
  • MIG-29
  • Bristol Blenhiem
  • Flying Bulls Bolkow BO-105
  • Hanger 11 Spitfire
  • Belgium F16
  • BBMF Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster & Dakota
  • Vampire
  • Chipmunk
  • Boeing 757
  • Bristol Sycamore
  • Jet Provost
  • Westland Whirlwind
  • Percival Pembroke
  • French Rafale
  • Westland Gazelle
  • The Red Arrows
  • H135 Juno
  • Chinook
  • Tornado
  • Tutor
  • Prefect
  • Tucano
  • Hawk
  • A400m
  • Typhoon

Overall it was a great day out and even the heavy traffic to get into the showground didn’t put us off.



Bristol Airport 24th February 2019

Trip to Bristol International Airport 24th February 2019

So it had been a while since we had been to Bristol airport and I really needed to get some more practise using my camera so Andy suggested we spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon there. As well as photographing and videoing the aircraft taking off and landing, we were able to make a note of their reg’s to add to our collection. As always, include some photos from our trip and leave all of the reg’s listed at the bottom of this post for anybody that is interested.

We stopped off at a local service station to pick up some things for lunch before heading straight to the airport. We arrived just as there was a quiet spell and so were able to eat our food before cracking on with the spotting. The weather was quite warm and the sun stayed out for a while too which was a nice change and we didn’t end up leaving until 4pm.

Reg’s Collected

Bristol Airport 18th August 2018

Trip to Bristol International Airport 18th August 2018


Having been couped up indoors for a few days, Andy made the great suggestion that we drive up to Bristol airport and spend a couple of hours watching which aircraft arrive and depart as well as getting some fresh air. I thought this would be just what we needed and it meant that I could get some more photo’s and videos of civilian aircraft, as well as make a note of their reg’s as I’m now starting to collect them. I’ll leave all of the reg’s listed at the bottom of this post for anybody that is interested.


We decided to take the scenic route to the airport which made a nice change. The day was cloudy and blustery but it still made for a good couple of hours out of the house. With it being a Saturday, the airport was quite busy with flights going in and out, so there was nearly always something to see.

There was a bit of time in the afternoon where there wasn’t much happening, so we had a bite to eat and Andy worked on this website. We left the airport in the late afternoon to drive back home, stopping off on the way back to pick up tea, treating ourselves to a Kebab each.
EI-DHH Boeing 737NG 8AS/W
EI-EFZ Boeing 737NG 8AS/W
EI-ENX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W
EI-FOA Boeing 737NG 8AS/W
EI-FSK ATR 72 600
G-CIXW Embraer EMB-170 LR
G-EZDN Airbus A319 111
G-EZEH Airbus A319 111
G-EZGA Airbus A319 111
G-EZGE Airbus A319 111
G-EZGN Airbus A319 111
G-EZIY Airbus A319 111
G-EZTH Airbus A320 214
G-EZUA Airbus A320 214
G-EZWP Airbus A320 214SL
G-LCYE Embraer EMB-170
G-LLCH Cessna 172S Skyhawk
G-RJXD Embraer ERJ-145
G-TCDL Airbus A321 211SL
OE-LKE Airbus A319 111
PH-EXF Embraer EMB-190
YL-LCT Airbus A320 214
I-NEOW Boeing 737NG


Exeter International Airport 3 Jun 2018

Exeter International Airport for Torbay Airshow post

Another airshow post but one with a slight difference. Rather than attend the airshow itself, my other half Andy suggested we park up at Exeter Airport to watch everything take off and land after displaying at the nearby Torbay airshow. This was the first time I had been to Exeter to take photographs of aircraft and perhaps a bit of plane spotting 😊 having previously only been there when going and returning from holidays.

One of the first planes to take off was one of my (Kelly) favourites – the OV-10B Bronco, this frame displays 99+18 and it’s civil registration is G-ONAA. Having known Edith & Tony from the Bronco Demo Team for a number of years now, I always try to photograph them whenever I see them. They change the livery every two to three years but the current one is definitely my favourite. Its known as Lest We Forget and has poppies along the tail as well as the fuel tank and has the words “Lest We Forget” across the top of the wings. I could talk about the Bronco all day but I’ll save that for another day. Hopefully I will post some photographs in due course.


Next up was another of my favourites, but they actually usually fly in a formation of three. To mark 100 years of the RAF, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight are flying a fourship formation known as the Trenchard formation and is being displayed at various shows throughout the year.


Next up was a couple of more basic/prop planes or as Andy calls them farty planes.  The first was Team Raven, a five-ship display team who fly a mix of RV4 and RV8 aircraft. Their displays are made up of various aerobatic maneuver’s, somewhat similar to that of the red arrows, just on a lot slower scale.


After Team Raven had taken off, Rich Goodwin in his Muscle biplane took off next. I love his take off’s they are never your standard take off. He will usually pull a move such as a knife edge pass almost straight away. Rich’s displays are always packed full of action and he never fails to mesmerise me.

The main attraction for most people that were there and believe me, there must have been at least 100 people waiting, were for the famous Red Arrows. Taking off in their usual formation, they were soon airborne and making their preparations for their display. The Red Arrows in some locations come with a no-fly zone whilst they are displaying for obvious safety reasons. When the Red Arrows returned, they did as usual with a run in and break. For this they start off all in formation and then in turn, each Hawk breaks away from the formation into the circuit, so that they can reduce their speed and come in to land. Understandable, this takes time and once they had all landed, they taxied back past everyone, so we all got to get up close to them.

20180603-IMG_1386 20180603-IMG_1387


Whilst the red arrows were displaying at Torbay, we were treated to the departure of Edith and Tony in the Bronco, who were going back home to Belgium.

The Chinook helicopter then took off, ready for its display with its famous wokka sound filling the air. Last to display was the Eurofighter Typhoon, although the strikemaster had displayed during this time, these three types of fast jets were the only ones to take off from Exeter to display at the show, along with the Red Arrows.


Andy & myself waiting until the Typhoon had returned from its display before we left Exeter Airport.

A list of aircraft seen during the visit:-

99+18 North American Rockwell OV-10B Bronco
D-ASBG Dassault Falcon 900EX
G-BYXM Grob G-115 E Tutor
G-CIBM Vans RV-8
G-CJSM Vans RV-8
G-EGRV Vans RV-8
G-JECK Bombardier DHC-8
G-JECL Bombardier DHC-8
G-MAXV Vans RV-4
G-OFFO Extra EA.300 L
G-PRPA Bombardier DHC-8
G-PRPF Bombardier DHC-8
G-PRPG Bombardier DHC-8
G-PRPO Bombardier DHC-8
G-SOAF British Aircraft Corporation Strikemaster Mk.90
G-TAWJ Boeing 737NG
G-VFDS Vans RV-8
G-ZEXL Extra EA.300

G-ZXLL Extra EA.300 L
PA474 Avro Lancaster B.I
RR232 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire
XX188 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A
XX219 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A
XX242 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1
XX244 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1
XX245 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1
XX278 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A
XX310 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1W
XX311 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1
XX322 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A
XX325 Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1
ZA947 Douglas C-47A
ZK317 Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4
ZK352 Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4
ZM504 Airbus Helicopters Juno

Feeling slightly peckish, we popped over to KFC nearby for tea because neither of us felt like cooking. Afterwards, was the drive home followed by downloading the photos taken that day.

Have a good day

Best wishes

Kelly and Andy

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